The Recovery Department is responsible for the design, production and testing of all systems tasked with the rocket’s safe return to ground or of some specific part. Therefore, we are mainly in charge of producing the rocket’s drogue and main parachute, and any deployment systems for our rocket’s multistage recovery apparatus.


The design phase consists mainly of simulating the high stress loads that all components withstand during the descent phase, while the parachute system slows the rocket down to a soft landing. Our innovative solutions always have to be mindful of the specifications of all other departments for the correct integration of the entire project.


We handle most of the production phase internally, but the components and tools we use are provided to us by our munificent sponsors, who provide us with resources of the highest quality. Furthermore, we often work on prototypes to research new and optimized solutions to improve our recovery systems.


Testing is a critical part in our project’s workflow to guarantee a correct functioning of our systems. We conduct assessments such as wind tunnel analysis, the helicopter drop experiment and tensile strength evaluation, which allow us to determine the internal stress forces caused by the parachute’s opening and its stability under various conditions.



・ Βasic knowledge regarding parachutes
・ Basic knowledge of flight mechanics
・ Engineering and scientific experimentation
・ Willingness to work in presence in Milan


・Automation and control
・Dynamics of aerospace systems
・In-depth experience in parachuting